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Everyone wants a comfortable and good night’s sleep. It is very important to one’s health. At least 8 hours sleep is advised to have the complete rest that your body needs. But aside from the number of hours you sleep, the quality of your sleep is just as important. Everyone has their own sleeping position that makes them feel comfortable. But sometimes when your sleeping position does not feel good with your bed then your sleep becomes less comfortable. Especially for people who likes to sleep sideways, finding the right spot in your bed can be difficult at times.

Side SleeperFor side sleepers, it is important to choose the best mattress that will let you feel most comfortable even sideways. If you have been feeling uncomfortable and starting to be grumpy every morning, then maybe it is time to consider buying a new mattress. There are different factors you have to consider when choosing the right bed for a side sleeper like you. You should find a mattress that will help you correct the position of your spine. This is the very reason why stomach sleepers require a different kind of bed compared to side sleepers.

Side sleepers generally need softer support from their mattress to help align their spine. It is also important to look for a mattress that will not move or transfer motion when your partner move on the bed. It is important because if your sleep is always disturbed because of movement, then you end up having a broken sleep instead of a long, good sleep.

There are actually pillows that are designed for side sleepers known as Side Sleeper Pro. This kind of pillows is ergonomically designed for people who sleep sideways to have a complete support in their spine and neck area. It helps side sleepers to even get health benefits from their sleeping position.

Aside from these, other factors that must be considered when buying a new mattress for a side sleeper includes the size, quality of foam, firmness, and warranty. Remember to measure the size of your mattress and assess whether the size will be comfortable for you and your partner. There is no point in buying a good mattress if it is not large enough for both of you.