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Sleep is crucial for our body. At some point, brain function will tend to shut down no matter how hard you try to stay awake. When we lack sleep, we become irritable and stressed. Sleep re-energizes us and makes us feel renewed after a good night of rest.

Evolution Of Sleep

Is 8-hours a Myth?

Sleep is part of our body’s natural rhythm. Most studies say that people should sleep at least 8-hours a day to function properly. Where did they get the magic number?

History has shown some interesting changes in our sleeping patterns over the decades and centuries. In days past, the habit of most people was to sleep twice per night. It was discovered by Professor Roger Ekirch. According to his research, the trend during centuries-past was to sleep in cycles.

For example, at one point, sleep was divided into multiple, shorter chunks. People would sleep about three to four hours early in the evening. They then got up and stayed awake for two to three hours. Eventually, they’d go back to sleep again for another few hours, until the following morning.

The evidence of the early sleeping habits has been noted in various literature, documents, papers, and other materials of the past. Although two sleeping times was common before, there is no definitive proof that it was better than our current routine of 8-hour sleep cycles. Besides, there are a lot of factors to be considered.

During these centuries-past, there was no electricity. Because of this, most people would go to bed as soon as the sun set. Since that was pretty early during winter, people’s bodies would awake in the middle of the night after some good rest. While it was still dark they’d inevitably fall back asleep for a few more hours after some brief socializing.

In the end, there is no absolute right or wrong to what would work best for your unique sleeping situation. Sometimes all that matters is the quality of the sleep you get. A good mattress certainly helps you feel more relaxed to support a good night of sleep. Whatever your sleeping habits may be, sleep comfortable with Banner Mattress.