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Several studies suggest that proper sleep can support proper weight. That means that weight gain can be associated with stress and sleep deprivation. Both of which, stress and sleep deprivation, trigger each other to create a vicious cycle.

sleeping and weightIn addition to proper diet and regular physical activity, sleep is equally important to your well-being. A proper night’s sleep is a good way to recharge yourself and energize your body to have all the energy you need for the day ahead. Just like stress and sleep deprivation cause a cycle, so does proper rest and physical activity. Proper rest gives you the energy you need to be physically active. Physical activity keeps you healthy and prepares your body for a good night of rest.

It is important for those struggling with weight gain to take one step at a time. New to physical activity? Start slow. Give you body time to adjust to your new levels of exerting energy. Too much immersion into excessive physical activity can lead to exhaustion. Exhaustion can cause your body to enter into a state of storing fat.

Nothing is achieved overnight. Results require consistent effort, healthy food, exercise and enough sleep to enjoy the success of your fitness journey. Follow these baby steps and you will be surprised how much re-energized you will feel.