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June welcomes National Safety Month. The goal of the National Safety Month is to remind everyone that safety does not happen by accident. Pun intended.

Safety FirstYou do not become safe results by being passive. Safety is the result of various intentional actions and precautionary measures. To be safe you need to follow rules and use best judgement that will enhance the safety of you, your family, and your coworkers.

In addition to workplace safety, safe driving is an area of concern during National Safety Month. Most of us spend a fair amount of our day driving to work, or driving in general.

• As many as 60% of adults admit to driving drowsy
• 37% admit to having fallen asleep
• 14% say they do so at least once a month

That results in upwards of 100k reported crashes each year from exhaustion. While drowsy driving brings scary statistics, so do home-based accidents.

Even at home, aside from the obvious lessons of “don’t run with scissors” that mom taught us, humans are prone to engaging ourselves in accidents. As many as 42% of people surveyed said that lack of sleep was their biggest health concern.

Regardless of location, did you know that rest plays a big part on the quantity of reported accidents?

An important factor that people often overlook when it comes to safety is proper rest and sleep. When you are stressed and exhausted, people have the tendency to be mentally absent with what they are doing. The effect of exhaustion and stress can lead to accidents whether you are at work, on the road, or at home.

In recognition of National Safety Month, make sure you sleep adequately to prevent exhaustion-related accidents. Having a comfortable mattress to sleep on can help you sleep longer and better, so you feel more rested and relaxed. Stay rested, stay safe.