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Bed Sizes: Eastern King vs. California King

Comfort, style, and size are the three most common features to look for in a bed. You can test the comfort by laying down on it, ask your family and friends, and ask questions online. But when it comes to size, how would you gauge the right size for your master... read more

Read Up and Sleep Better

If you’re among the millions of people world-wide that have a hard time getting a full night of sleep, here are some customer-submitted tips that other people use to count some sheep. 1. Make your room cooler 2. Keep it quiet in your room 3. Blackout windows 4. Turn... read more

The History of Banner Mattress

Every business has its story. For Banner Mattress, our story started when Ross Scorziell migrated to the United States in 1912. He did not know the language and had little money to survive on. Determined to pursue his dreams, Ross built up a strong work ethic and... read more

The Perfect Bed for Side Sleepers

Everyone wants a comfortable and good night’s sleep. It is very important to one’s health. At least 8 hours sleep is advised to have the complete rest that your body needs. But aside from the number of hours you sleep, the quality of your sleep is just as important.... read more

Sleep Positions, Personalities and Our Health

Sleep is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It helps us give our body the rest that we need. It is the way of our body to recuperate the energy expended throughout the day. Everyone sleeps differently and, according to science, your sleep position... read more

Just the Right Bed Size for You

Sleep is important to your health. Enough sleep is required to re-energize our bodies after a long day. While most people believe that eight hours is the average necessary amount of sleep per night, did you know that your mattress size plays an important part in your... read more

Sleep Off That Extra Weight?

Several studies suggest that proper sleep can support proper weight. That means that weight gain can be associated with stress and sleep deprivation. Both of which, stress and sleep deprivation, trigger each other to create a vicious cycle. In addition to proper diet... read more

Proper Rest and a Clear Mind Leads to Safety

June welcomes National Safety Month. The goal of the National Safety Month is to remind everyone that safety does not happen by accident. Pun intended. You do not become safe results by being passive. Safety is the result of various intentional actions and... read more

How Much Sleep Do I Need?

We often hear “The older we get the less sleep we need”. As is the case with many popular myths, this is true in part! It is true that developing children need more sleep than fully-grown adults. Once a person reaches adulthood, however, their sleep needs... read more