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Sleep is important to your health. Enough sleep is required to re-energize our bodies after a long day. While most people believe that eight hours is the average necessary amount of sleep per night, did you know that your mattress size plays an important part in your quality of sleep, too?

Bed sizeMake sure you buy a mattress that suits you best, including the right size to deliver you maximum comfort. Common mattress sizes include:

Twin mattress
Full mattress
• Queen mattress
• King mattress

Did you know that there are also variations in mattress sizes in between?

• Twin XL
• Full XL
• Easter King
• Split Eastern King
• California King
• Split California King

A twin mattress is the smallest traditional size mattress. Twin mattresses work well for apartments or children’s rooms.

A full mattress is appropriate for a single person with a height of 5 feet 5 inches or smaller.
A queen size mattress is among the most popular sizes available. Queen size mattresses are large enough to comfortable sleep two adults, but small enough to not hog up all of the space in your bedroom.

A king size mattress offers luxurious space for comfort or for couples with children who loves to crash in on their parent’s bedroom.

A California king mattress is similar to a king mattress except that it 4 inches longer and 4 inches narrower. This is a good option for taller people who need every extra bit of room, even beyond a King.

Sometimes, no matter how early you go to bed, you can feel uncomfortable and restless. Aside from the length of hours you sleep, another important factor when sleeping is how comfortable you feel. And your mattress size can make a big difference. Choose the best bed size that is most comfortable for you.