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One of the things that everybody needs, especially senior citizens, is a good night’s sleep. There are some reasons why good sleep becomes harder to find for older citizens. They may have to frequent the bathroom. They may have body aches. Pressure from their body weight on their joints may be uncomfortable. In recognition of August welcoming Senior Citizens Day, here are some tips for senior citizens that will help them get that elusive, sound sleep that they need.

Helping Senior Citizens Sleep at Night1. The first thing to do before attempting sleep is to relax. The question is how to do it? Find a routine that lets your body know it’s time to call it a day. Perhaps start winding down the evening with a walk around the neighborhood. Or, a warm bath will certainly help calm the nerves.

2. Make sure to avoid any late night liquids to minimize night-time bathroom visits. Especially avoid caffeinated drinks.

3. Chronic pain is a common complaint that keeps older people up at night. Even minor pain can keep you up at night. Get that pain diagnosed, resolved, or properly medicated to ensure a comfortable body for a good night of sleep.

4. Avoid distractions. Turn off lights, televisions, radios, etc.

5. Get comfortable. A night of sleep is only as good as your mattress is comfortable. Get a mattress or orthopedic bed that is right for you.