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Welcoming a new baby to your family is an exciting time. It also means that there will be plenty of sleepless nights for mom and dad. In recognition of National Parent’s Day, here are some customer-submitted ideas on how they try to get sleep better while tending to their child.

Sleep Tips for New Parents1. Give the baby room to wiggle. Larger cribs and sleeping spaces allow for some wiggle room so that young children don’t awaken themselves when rolling to the edge of their crib or bed.

2. Mom and dad can alternate duties on who is to watch the child at night. This will allow each parent an opportunity to sleep for a few hours each night.

3. Whoever is not on rotation duty with the baby that night can sleep in another bedroom so that he or she is less likely to be awakened by the sounds of the baby or their spouse.

4. Can’t rotate entire nights? Try shifting. During the hours of 10 pm and 6 am, the spouses can take 4-hour shifts sleeping while the other one is at the baby’s bedside. Mom’s can prepare a bottle ahead of time to help dad feed the baby, too.

5. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Do not do anything else like the laundry or the dishes. Just grab the opportunity and sleep.

6. Let the baby sleep with you. If you want to catch up on some TV, let the baby sleep in your arm. Studies suggest that babies sleep longer and deeper when they can sense their parent’s physical presence.

7. When you lack sleep, eat something with high protein that will not fill you up heavily, like milk or yogurt. Snacks like this can re-charge you.