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Banner Mattress offers the one and only Banner Value Plush mattress. For an entry-level bed, this is one mattress that provides amazing support for the back and a lot of comfort for the body. Anyone can sleep well on this mattress.

Banner Value Plush MattressOne of the features that make this mattress stand out is that it has a base with 312 coil springs in it which provides ample support for any body type. The Banner Value Plush Mattress’s 13-gauge spring wire, the same used in pricier mattresses, is what gives the mattress it’s powerful support.

There are two types of foam built into this mattress. The first if the comfort foam which makes this bed so comfortable and welcoming. The second foam is the support foam. This foam serves to support the spine, neck, and pressure points. With this combination of foams, one will indeed sleep tight night after night.

One of the advantages of the Banner Value Plush mattress is its no-flip design. The composition of the bed starts out with a support foam at the bottom and the comfort foam on top. There is no need to flip this mattress over semi-regularly. Because of its’ design and engineering, you’ll enjoy comfort year after year.

The Banner Value Plush mattress hits both support and comfort in one bed. And the best thing about it is that it is priced reasonably. This mattress has plush written all over it and is made for anyone who wants to have a comfortable sleep every night without compromising their budget. The Banner Value Plush mattress consists of workmanship and quality that are both second to none.